Monday 26 November 2012

City of Norwich Half Marathon, the aftermath

I made it. I ran my first half marathon, 21 km (or 13 miles). I ran it all, with a very steady pace, just over 5'30" per km on average. Just under two hours (1:58'23") from start to finish, of which I'm very happy given my poor training. The arrival time was a couple of minutes longer because I started pretty far behind.

My legs ache though. They're better now, but yesterday shortly after the race I was limping around like an 80-year-old man (in fact I've seen 80-year-old men in a better shape than that!).

What's next? Who knows. I think I'll keep running, I'm not sure when I'm going to race next time. I'm really tempted to give the City of Norwich Half Marathon another go next year though!

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