Friday 23 November 2012

New website

Welcome to my new website! It's about time. I hadn't updated my old one for ages. I was managing the CMS myself, which is some extra faff that I really didn't need. I'm now on blogger, which does all I need and is simple to maintain. At this point, I'll probably switch my hosting plan to a domain-only plan.

Some people might know that I also had a blog on tumblr. This new website, hopefully, will be the union of both my previous personal website and my old blog, but without all the "noise" of tumblr. Now I'd like to close that blog but I can't without deleting my tumblr account all together (which I might do, eventually), but to give a sense of continuity I reposted here its last entry, which you should see below this one.

So ultimately, the purpose of this website is to have somewhere to host my CV and provide a way for people to contact me; but I'd also like to use it as blog. Knowing myself I'm genuinely not sure how often I'll be able to update it. But hey, still worth a try. What will I talk about? I'd say anything that crosses my mind. Work-related things, hobby-related things... I guess I'll play it by the ear!

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